Chore Chart and Chore Punch Card for kids!

I don't know about you, but I'm getting mighty tired of nagging my kids to do their chores. I hate being a nag. Hate. It. But, chores are a necessary thing to do, both to help me around the house, and to teach kids responsibility and how to take care of themselves.

I'm a firm believer that my job is not to do anything and everything for my kids, when they are perfectly capable of doing those things for themselves. I believe that it is my responsibility to teach them how to be a productive member of society, and how to do things for themselves.

I'm amazed by all the twenty-somethings {or older} that can't do simple things, such as doing their laundry, washing dishes, cleaning up after themselves, or even cooking for themselves. I was once included in that.

Growing up, my mom never made us do anything. Aside from drying the dishes starting when I was 11 or 12, I don't remember cleaning my room, or doing any chores at all. The only reason why she had me start cooking at age 16, was because she had started working and wasn't home in time, so I had to get started on dinner.

When I entered the real world, I didn't really know how to do anything. I took a few food courses in high school, but aside from that I didn't know how to do anything for myself because it had always been done for me. It was incredibly hard for me - and even still is - to get into the habit of cleaning and cooking everyday.

I am determined not to let that happen to my boys. I want them to be self-sufficient and not rely on anyone else to do everything for them. Too many men grow up with moms who do their laundry, cleaning and cooking for them, and then they marry and expect their wives to take care of them like mom did.

Anyways, back to the nagging. Earlier this school year I had a system in place that I'd gotten from 71 toes. Her system was a money system, but for me it was more about chores and homework. It lasted for a good month or so. But then Gavin signed up for this after school program that didn't get out until 5pm, Mon-Fri. We didn't have enough time for him to do everything.

So we've just been winging it since. He does have chores that he's supposed to do daily, like scooping the kitty litter and taking the trash out, and both boys are supposed to keep their room clean everyday. This does not happen everyday. And when their room gets bad, both Jared and I get so frustrated because then it takes them so long to clean it {not necessarily because it's such a mess, but more because they constantly stop cleaning after two minutes and start playing}.

When I tell my 9 year old to clean up, generally just says, "OK!" and gets to it, until he is sidetracked by a cool toy and starts to play. My 5 year old, on the other hand, fights it. He just doesn't wanna do it. Especially when it comes to putting his clothes away.

So I thought it would be a good motivator to have a reward system. But how would this reward system work? I thought about having chore charts. Yes that might work. But I needed something concrete and visual to track their daily chores. Something other than stickers because we've tried that before and it didn't work for us.

So the other day I was in the book store {book nerd here!} and pulled out my reward card as I was paying. This store gives you a stamp for every book you buy there. I bought two, so I got two stamps. Something clicked in my head and thought a stamp or punch card would be a great idea!

So I got on my computer and started making these Chore Punch Cards.

There are seven spots to punch out, stick stickers, or stamp for every day that they complete their chores. I made up these chore lists for each of the kids. It will be posted on the hallway wall where the children will see it everyday. I didn't want to put too much on there to start, they don't have a lot of time after school. While I think it's important for the kids to do chores, I also feel that it's important for them to have free play time.

I expect the kids to finish all of their daily chores before they can qualify to get a hole punch. Once they reach seven hole punches they can get a treat that is worth about $5. Or they can choose to keep the money and save it up. It can be a great way to also teach my children about how to handle money.

I'm really excited to try this. I'm sure I'll still have to remind them to do their chores for the first little while. But I'm hoping once they get into the rhythm of things they'll be excited to get hole punches and a reward after seven days.

I've made up a blue chore chart and a pink chore chart. You can download them here. To fill them in, you can either print them out and add your chores by hand, or you can go to a picture editing site such as PicMonkey and enter the chores that way, and then print.

I've also made up four different coloured chore punch cards! Blue, pink, green, and red. I've also taken the liberty of providing sheets to download that already have eight chore cards on each sheet, so you only have to print once and you have eight cards ready to go. You can download them here.

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