We're getting married!

I'm a little late in the game to be writing this post, but better late than never....I didn't have a blog back when he asked me, so I think I have a good excuse as to why I'm just getting to writing it now.

Let me tell you a little bit about our history!

First off, our fathers have been best friends for about 30 years or so. That said, I didn't meet my own dad until I was 15 {I was a victim of parental abduction by my mother...literally the day my dad brought Jared's parents home to meet me...but that's another story}. I didn't meet Jared until I moved out to beautiful British Columbia to live with my dad and half brothers, who'd I'd only met the one time.

After I settled in to the house, he and a friend came over to introduce himself. At that point my brothers had told me all about him, as "this annoying kid" who constantly bothers them. They grew up together like brothers. Let me tell you one thing, I was instantly attracted to him.

We became secretly friends with benefits. One of my brothers found out what was going on and he pointed at me and sternly said, "that guy better not ever become part of my family."

Ha! I told him he said that the other day and he so didn't remember that. My brothers didn't really hate Jared, they just thought of him like an annoying older brother.

Anyways, time passed on. We stopped the fwb thing. Got into our own serious relationships, but stayed acquaintances throughout the years. Our dads have remained best friends. I had a child. I started doing Sunday Flea Market and brunch with my dad and Jared's dad. Then Jared's mom joined in. Then I had another kid. Then Jared joined in. The kids and I started going to Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners at Jared's parents home. His parents became some of my best friends.

Sometimes I'd bring my boyfriend, sometimes he'd bring his girlfriend. We were never single at the same time. Looking back, I always had feelings for him, but he had been with his girlfriend for 8 years, and I think that I had intentionally blocked the thought of ever being with him out of my mind, because I refuse to ever go after someone else's guy.

Then one day in 2012 after sushi brunch with everyone, after telling them about my breakup with the latest loser, Jared sent me a smiley with the tongue sticking out. And that's how it all started. We started flirting and seeing each other, and after a couple of weeks we had to have a huge discussion about what we wanted out of each other.

Because it wasn't just about us.

It was about my kids. It was about our parents friendship.

We seemed to have more on the line than a normal relationship. We had to agree to have the utmost trust, honesty and respect for each other at all times. If things fall apart with us, it won't just impact us. It could destroy our entire family. Everyone we love.

We decided to take a chance and it is literally the best choice I personally have ever made.

Seven months later he asked me to marry him and I can't wait to become his wife!

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