Share Your Stuff Tuesdays No. 29 {plus features}

Welcome to Share Your Stuff Tuesdays No. 29 :)

So glad you could join me this week! As you may or may not have known, this is my second blog. I shut down my previous blog, as I felt too restricted by it, too held back by it. I for some reason felt that I couldn't write what I wanted to truly write, and I couldn't truly be ME.

So I decided to just bite the bullet and build a new blog while I didn't have very many posts or followers. Better to do it now than if I'd had, say over 1000 posts or 1000 followers, right?

I love the look and feel of this blog so much more. I feel so much more free, and more like me. More authentic.

One of the things I was worried about though was what would happen with my link parties I hosted/co-hosted? Well Show Off Fridays will be put on hold for the time being. But I'm super excited to still be a part of Share Your Stuff Tuesdays!!!!

We are excited to announce that we have a new co-host!!! Morsels of Life will be joining us for the next 4 weeks on a trial basis and then she will decide if she wants to continue as a permanent co-host.

Let's get on with the party!

Remember, by linking up today, you're sharing on five blogs!!!! 

Interested in co-hosting? Send an email -

Be sure to stop by each of the hosts to check out their personal favourites!

The post with the most views:

Miz Helen's Country Cottage Dinner Plan for the week of 12-29-13

Some of my favourites:

Peppermint Chocolate Cookies from Baking In Pyjamas

Washi Tape Inspired Mod Podge Paper Organizer from Titi Crafty by Camila

Chocolate Hazelnut Chess Pie with Rolos from Life, Love and Sugar

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