Reorganized Kitchen Cupboards

Welcome to my kitchen, where my meals are cooked and my sweets are baked. It's also the place where my dishes are done, clutter is piled onto the counter, and the cupboards and drawers are filled in an embarrassingly unorganized manner. Sometimes we can get so caught up in life that our cupboards get ignored. We piled more stuff in, and then we can shut the door.

I've spent the past few days reorganizing my kitchen cupboards to create better functionality and be more aesthetically pleasing to my eyes.

I was going crazy with all the clutter in my cupboards and everything was everywhere. I went to find my bay leaves for a recipe a month or so ago, and I knew I had them....couldn't. find. them. anywhere. Then a week later, I found them in the same spot I'd been looking!

To start I emptied everything out of the cupboards. I decided to break it down into smaller tasks doing 20 minutes here, 30 minutes there, because taking it all on as one big project seems really daunting and leaves a lot of people {me included!} feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. So I decided to focus on one cupboard at a time and create sections, or a purpose, if you will, for each cupboard.

The first cupboard I focused on was the one above the sink. I like to keep all of our pastas and canned goods in there, as well as cooking oils and cooking spray. But it seems we had a bunch of stuff we just never used, never ate, or that could've moved to a happier home in another cupboard. Here's the dreaded before:

Yikes. What a cluttered mess. What's messed up is that we threw most of those boxes away because they had expired, and we're donating about 7 of the canned goods because we just don't eat them. By the way, if you ever have non-perishables that you don't eat and you're cleaning out your kitchen cupboards, please donate them to your local food bank. It would be a huge help to families in need. Any little bit helps. I know, I've been there.

Much better, isn't it? Dried and canned goods, pastas, and cooking oils and sauces, all in one place.

Moving on to the second cupboard. Most of the boxes in here were just moved on over to a happier home in the previous cupboard. Jared had 3 open bags of coffee and 1 unopened one, so I dumped them together and was able to get rid of one bag. That giant freezer bag full of chocolate chips? My 9 year old had taken to school to build gingerbread houses with his classmates and we were pretty sure they all had their grubby little fingers all over them, so we just threw the whole thing out. Not sure why we'd kept it in the first place. Things were buried in the back that I'd forgotten we had, but it was a little too late and things had expired. Shame.

Before pic:

This cupboard now holds our condiments, snacks/crackers, baking items, Jared's coffee and filters, dried herb refills, rice. There is still room left in this cupboard to add lots more stuff!

Moving on to my spice/baking cupboard. This cupboard surprisingly took a really long time to do considering this was the smallest cupboard out of the three. Uhhhhh, why were there taco shells in my spice/baking cupboard?

Here is the finished cupboard!!! Isn't it so pretty? It's my favourite cupboard! Is it weird to have a favourite cupboard? No? You have one too? I think every baker or chef or organizing junkie does :P

 I had an old spice rack that came with jars up in the cupboard above the fridge...I really don't know why I had it. It's old. I mean really old. I'm talking hasn't been used in 5 years old. Anyways, I emptied out the jars, rinsed them out, refilled them with new dried herbs, used Washi tape to label them and put them in a super cute basket I picked up from the Dollar store. {Speaking of curry powder, you might want to check out this amazing curried cauliflower soup with Swiss cheese and wild rice}

I used another {of the same} basket to corral all of my seasoning packets.

The top shelf is dedicated to the decoration of my baking creations. I have all of my candy melts in another basket, some pretty cupcake liners, Christmas and Valentine's sprinkles, candy molds and condiment dispensers for icing.

Let's just recap what I've done and have a look at the before and after pics, shall we?


  • I first emptied out all of the cupboards.
  • I separated what had expired, what I wanted to keep, and what we wanted to donated to the food bank.
  • I grouped like items together and designated a specific spot or shelf for that group of items.
  • I went out and bought pretty plastic bins to corral my seasoning packets, extra spice packets for refilling my spice jars, and my spice jars so I can pull out the whole bin and pull out what I need instead of knocking everything over to get to the one at the back of the cupboard.
  • I rearranged a lot of items, putting them in new homes with their families where they belong.
  • I emptied out old spice jars, added new spices to them, and used Washi tape to label them.
  • I also went through all of my seasoning packets and threw out any I knew we wouldn't be using.

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