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I have to admit something. I grew up not knowing who Julia Child was. I hadn't even heard of her until just last year when a friend mentioned something about her voice and I was dumbfounded and said, "who's Julia Child?"

My friend just kind of stood there and stared at me like I'd been living under a rock.

Hey, I'm only 29, Julia Child was before my time. I grew up without a computer. I didn't own my first computer until I was 25. I was kind of kept out of the loop on things as a child, anyways...so much so that I wasn't even allowed to listen to anything other than my moms Oldies and soft 80's rock music. Okay...I wouldn't say I wasn't allowed. I just wasn't exposed to anything other than what she listened to or what she watched or did, until I was about 13 and my grade 8 teacher exposed me to the punk band Rancid. So, yeah. It kinda was like I'd been living under a rock.

Up until recently we've mostly eaten processed food. In addition to living under that rock, I was raised on processed junk. I don't fault my mother for this though. This was due to poverty. When we did have "real" food, it was bitter veal, stew, completely dried out pork chops, plain potatoes, canned beans, dry meatloaf.

It was the same tasteless meals day in and day out. I literally can't eat Hamburger Helper anymore without gagging.

When I heard about Julia Child, I felt akin to her, especially when I started reading some of her quotes. She apparently didn't start cooking until she was 32. I'm 29 and I'm just starting to really learn how to cook. I mean, I've cooked from recipes all throughout my life from when I was a teen up until now. But I mean, REALLY know how to cook. Without using a recipe. And then I read this quote below that really hit home and inspires me to keep practicing my cooking every single day.

I also created some other of my favourite inspirational Julia Child quotes for you.

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