Transforming an Old, Ugly Dresser

I have had this dresser for 12 years. My dad gave it to me when I moved in with him at 17. He's kind of a hoarder {which is probably where I got my disorganization from}, so who knows how long he had it before he gave it to me.

Here's a picture of it, along with my now fiancee Jared and me my bum, at 16 and 17 when we were just friends.

It was always really ugly. It was always an eyesore. Gavin drew all over it when he used it as his dresser when he was 3, and it had been turning yellow over the past I don't know how many years. I got really sick of looking at it.

I kept it in the hallway by the kitchen of the last place I lived in, so it wasn't just me seeing it, it was guests, too.

So I got online I googled how to fix up an ugly dresser, and I came up with chalkboard paint. 

This was my very first painting project. I started off with the black chalkboard spray paint, because a lot of people online said spray paint is easier than regular paint. I bought two cans from Michaels craft store..

It. Got. Everywhere. It was blotchy and runny and it didn't even coat half of it before running out. I'm not sure what all these people are doing differently than me, or maybe I just suck with spray paint, but I found regular painting to be a lot easier and a lot less messy.

So I ran out to Canadian Tire and bought a little can of black chalkboard paint for $20 {which I still have, a couple of years and a couple smaller projects later} and some brushes. Now I was on my way!

First I needed to prepare the dresser. This meant I had to remove all the hardware. Wash everything off with mild soap and water just so that I could get rid of the residue. You really should be using a primer before painting, but I don't think I did {oops}. Let it dry and repeat if necessary {I think I did three coats}, then wipe it all down with a cloth.

When you’re finished painting everything, turn your attention to the hardware. Clean them with a toothbrush. You can bring them back to life with a new finish. You can do the same with any other metal parts like the legs for example. I just stuck with the original hardware. When you’re done put the handles back on and you have a brand new dresser.

 Here you can see how it's all blotchy and dripping from the spray paint.

It's been a couple years and we've moved, so it has so chips in the paint. I'm going to have to touch it up pretty soon, and I might change the hardware to give it a different look. 


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