Blogger Tutorial: How to Make Your Own Social Media Icons

When I first started blogging I didn't like the selection of social media icon choices, so I opted to make my own. I had made a set of heart icons. It's actually reeeeeeeaalllyy easy and fun to do. I'll show you how.

I use PicMonkey for all my editing.

1. When you enter the site, click on "Create a collage". Different sets of layouts will appear and you can choose from any of them, but you don't necessarily need to use any of them at all. I used "square deal" for this one, the one that has 25 individual squares.

2. I then used a pink glitter image and put it in the centre. Then I clicked on the painter's tray on the bottom left hand side and slid the corner rounding scale all the way up to 100% to make the image round. You can choose to leave your image square or round the corners only a tad.

3. Next, click the button that says "transparent background". You're ready to move on to the next step in your editing. Click "Edit" above your picture and then "Open In Editor".

4. From the editor, you can edit your social media icon and crop and resize as needed. Don't worry about that checkerboard pattern, it will disappear once your image is saved.

5. When you're satisfied with your result, click save. When you are saving your image to your computer, make sure you save it as a .png file otherwise the transparent background will not be transparent.

I've included some of those heart icons that I created a few months back. They include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Bloglovin' buttons and each are 65x65. This is my first time uploading files via Box, so please let me know if you have any difficulties downloading the icons.

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