Blogger Tutorial: How to Install Conversions Box Onto your Blog

What is Conversions Box? Conversions Box is a website that provides you with an HTML code to put a Facebook "like" button on your blog or website. The button sits on the bottom right hand corner of your blog and is on a semi-transparent black box that stays put when you scroll up or down the page. It contains a small amount of text, the "like" box, and the number of people who have "liked" your Facebook page via Conversions Box.

Now this sound all fine and dandy, until I couldn't find directions on where in my blog to install this. I googled the shiznit out of this for a good hour before finally trying things out for myself on my tester blog. Everything I found just said "Add the code to your blog". But didn't say where. Surely these people realize that not everybody is tech savvy?

Like, some codes you need to put into your main html, others you can just put into gadgets on your sidebar. Sometimes we need some clarification on these things.

So I will walk you through it for those of us that aren't.

For Blogger:

1. Log in to Blogger and head to your blog. From there, click "Layout" on the left hand side.

2. Select "Add a gadget" from your sidebar, or below even, since this isn't something that will be showing up on your sidebar. I prefer to reserve the gadgets below the posts and sidebar for this purpose. Scroll down to select "HTML/Jacascript".

3. Open a second tab and go to Conversions Box website to get your code. All you have to do is add a little bit of text to the top box, and your Facebook page URL to the second box to get the code.

4. Once you have your code, paste it into the HTML/Javascript box. You don't need to add a title to the gadget.

5. Press "Save" and you're done.

It will show up on your blog right away. I like the simplicity of it, and it has a close button if a visitor doesn't like it.

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