Blogger Tutorial: How to Add Social Media Icons to Blogger

1. Once you've downloaded and saved your favourite social media icons to your computer, upload them to a site like photobucket or Picasa. I like using Picasa because it's linked to my blog.

2. In a new tab, log in to Blogger and head to your blog. From there, click "Layout" on the left hand side.

3. Select "Add a gadget" on your sidebar and scroll down to select "HTML/Javascript".

4. In the HTML/Javascript box, paste the following code:

    <a href="URL Goes Here"><img src="Image Direct Link Goes Here" /></a>
Do this for each media icon.

5. Go back to your Picasa tab and open the image you want. Now right click and click on "copy image location".

6. Bring that back to your HTML/Javascript gadget and paste it into the quotation marks "Image Direct Link Goes Here". Again, do this with each media icon and make sure you keep it inside the quotation marks.

7. Now go to your social media webpage that you want to add to the code. Open up a new tab and copy your URL from your social media profile.

8. Go back to the HTML/Javascript gadget and paste your social media profile URL in the quotations where it says "URL Goes Here", again making sure that you paste inside the quotation marks, and do this with each social media profile.

9. If you're using an email/contact button, place "mailto:YOUREMAILADDRESSHERE" in the quotation marks where it says "URL Goes Here".

10. Once you've completed all the steps for each icons for each social media profile you want to add, click "Save" and you're done!

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